Do You Wear Protective Clothes When Cleaning Air Ducts?

Yes, protective clothing is essential when cleaning air ducts. One of the functions of air ducts is to purify the air in your home. The air you breathe in is filtered in the air ducts several times to keep you safe.

During this process, the air ducts filter pathogens, such as dust, harmful bacteria, and other allergens that irritate the respiratory system. After some time, the air duct filter will need to be cleaned because the accumulation of the filtered material could find its way back into the air and contaminate it.

When you open the air ducts, you will be exposing yourself to the very pathogens the air ducts have been protecting you from during the air purification process. This exposure could be even more deadly than taking in the pathogens, a little at a time. Contact us for air duct cleaning services in Atlanta.

Full-coverage protective gear

Some of the pathogens you are likely to find in the air ducts include mold spores. You need to make sure no pathogen finds its way onto your skin. To keep this from happening, you should wear the right clothing so that your entire body remains safe and free from mold. In addition to the bodysuit, you need to ensure you have sturdy gloves, safety glasses, and a disposable face mask. 

Protective headgear

In addition to the eye, nose and mouth protective gear, you need to make sure your hair is covered. Substances like dust and other light molecules tend to cling on to the hair. So, when you go to any other room in the house, they will be released into the air, and this will contaminate the air in your home. 

Use the right footwear and gloves.

A full-body protective gear includes a covering for your hands and feet as well. When choosing shoes to wear, you should ensure they completely enclose your feet. Ensure there are no gaps in the shoes, including a space between your pants and the shoes. You should either wear long pants or high boots. 

The protective gloves should also not leave exposed skin between the sleeves of the shirt and wrist. The gloves also need to be made out of rubber, because it does not allow the penetration of spores and other harmful allergens and pathogens. 

These protective clothes are not just essential for anyone working directly with the ducts, but also anyone who is walking into the room when the cleaning is happening. It is, therefore, best to let your family know if they should stay away until the ducts are clean and the filters are put back in place. 

You also need to ensure that the protective clothes are removed and washed immediately you finish cleaning the duct. Moving around the house with the gear simply means you are transferring the dirt from the air ducts back into the air circulating in the house.

Some of the allergens might even be left on various surfaces, leaving you and your family exposed and at risk of illness. Properly dispose of the face mask, wash the clothes with hot water, and disinfect any surfaces you may have touched before removing the protective clothes.