How Often Do You Need to Clean Your Air Ducts?

If you want to a better quality of air circulating in your home, one way to do this is by frequently cleaning the air ducts. Experts recommend doing this annually. This will ensure your home remains free of allergens and other debris that may cause respiratory problems for you and your family. However, some homes need to have the air ducts cleaned more often than others. Some of the factors that influence the frequency of air ducts maintenance include;

Family members with respiratory illnesses

Cleaning the air ducts will prevent you and your family from developing respiratory issues, but what happens if a family member already has asthma and other illnesses linked to the respiratory? The solution, in this case, is to clean the air ducts more frequently. This will ensure your entire family benefits from clean air, but more importantly, the most vulnerable member of the family is safe from pathogens that trigger respiratory reactions. 

If you or any member of the family has allergies

If you or any other person in your household is sensitive to dust and other allergens, it may be best to clean the air ducts more frequently. This will eliminate the possibility of discomfort when in any room in the house. 

If you have a smoker in the house

While some people choose not to smoke in the house in a bid to keep the air clean, others would rather smoke at the comfort of their homes. So, if someone in your family smokes indoors, it may be best to have the air ducts cleaned more frequently to ensure the air remains clean. 

If you have pets

Your furry friends are fun to have at home and are indeed a part of the family. However, pets, especially dogs, shed a lot of furs which finds its way into the ducts. This can interfere with the filtration process, and ultimately affect the quality of the air you breathe. You should ensure the air ducts are cleaned often to remove hairs that may be stuck in the vents. 

The age of your home

Older homes may not have new air conditioning systems, and the ventilation may not be as great as that of newer houses. If your house is decades old, it may be best to have the air ducts cleaned more often to reduce the risk of inhaling contaminated air. 

Sometimes, you may need to clean their air ducts more frequently. Some of the telltale signs that the air circulating in your home is not pure include;

  • More dust than usual on the surfaces in your home
  • Visible dust in the air ducts
  • More allergic reactions than usual
  • Increased respiratory discomfort

If these issues seem to bother you more frequently, it shouldn’t matter if you still have a few weeks or months before the next scheduled air ducts cleaning. These are signs that the air ducts need to be cleaned now. Otherwise, your level of discomfort will increase, and you will no longer enjoy staying in your home.