Rainy Day Entertainment Atlanta

While Atlanta experiences seasonal variations in monthly rainfall, it is cloudy 67% of the time. Atlanta residents have come to accept the possibility of rain on any given day, irrespective of the season. So, when making plans for the day, no activity is written on stone. Changing a list of activities to undertake is a normal occurrence for most households, with many families having a list of activities to do should there be a downpour. 


Atlanta Monetary Museum

The Atlanta Monetary Museum shares a tale of money and its role in the economy. There are interactive exhibits that people of all ages can enjoy as they learn the origin of money, from barter trade to modern-day trade interactions. Your family will also learn how banking started it the United States, the turbulent past, and how the system was finally streamlined to be what it is today.

You will view artifacts which will show some of the rare coins and currency. You will also learn in-depth the role of the Federal Reserve in the US, why it is a revered institution, and why its independence is critical for the stability of the economy.

You will also learn of the money-printing process, what influences the printing, and what happens to old notes that are mopped from the economy. You will also have a glimpse at the investment of artificial intelligence, and the role the robots play in ensuring efficiency. 

Visits to this museum have to be scheduled, at least two weeks in advance. This is because employee volunteers act as guides so necessary arrangements need to be made. You may book the tour as a group of between ten and thirty people, or self-guided tours of less than ten people.

This visit will not cost you a thing. You only need to show up and enjoy yourself without worrying about fees. You only need to pick a time. Tours usually take place at 9:30 am, 11 am, and 1 pm, Monday to Friday. 


Visit the Children’s Museum of Atlanta

Keeping children indoors during a downpour can be challenging, especially if you have had a tough week and only wish to relax as the children play. Fortunately, the Children’s Museum of Atlanta will help keep the children busy as you unwind.

The museum has two 2-hr sessions of play scheduled a day, one starting at 9:30 am and another from 12:30 pm. The exhibits are categorized according to age, with some ideal for children as young as ten months. This museum is educational not just for children, but for parents as well. Parenting has its challenges, and this museum visit will help you navigate some of them and come out better on the other side. 

Some of the exhibits bring out your children’s creativity including building castles on the sand table, learning about science, painting on the paint wall, and learning about the various renowned artists in the art studio. 


Enjoy Escape Room Adventures

Escape rooms are increasingly becoming popular in Atlanta, and indeed other states. This indoor high-adrenaline entertainment option ranges from simple puzzles to intense locked theme rooms where you can only escape after successfully executing the given task. 

Some of the popular themes in Atlanta include Escape the Room, The Escape Game Atlanta, Ultimate Escape, and Mission Escape. After the intense moments in the Escape room, you can take time out to relax and have a drink in some of the popular dinner spots in Atlanta. 


Andretti Indoor Karting and Games

The Andretti Indoor Karting and Games is quite popular, especially when the rains curtail outdoor activities. Race experiences are available for children seven years and older to adults. It is a fun destination for the entire family because there is something for everyone. There are advanced tracks which are more technical and are only accessible to adults with a valid driver’s license. 

The intermediate race experience takes place on a novice track and is great for those taking part in karting for the first time. Drivers don’t need to have much experience. This track is open for teens from the age of 12 to young adults. However, the drivers have to be at least 54 inches tall. The kids can have fun with the junior race, open to kids who are at least 48 inches tall. The minimum acceptable age for this race is seven years old. 


Undoubtedly, there is so much you can do in Atlanta, even on days when it rains, which is pretty much any day of the year. Having a plan B for your outdoor activities will ensure you and your family are not disappointed when you have to change your plans because of unfavourable weather.