Silver Clean Air Atlanta meticulously removed the mildew from my ducts. The difference was noticeable. They have made my house smell fresh and clean again. I never thought the result would be so apparent so soon. I should have gotten in touch with them years ago for my duct cleaning needs. I like how they are thorough with their job. The prices were also quite reasonable for the work done. I can’t wait to do this with them once again
Dami Matheson
This was my first time using Silver Clean Air Atlanta for my home and I must give them a 5* for a job well done. The two gentlemen who came were professional, courteous and did an awesome job without any hitches. It was fantastic. I would definitely hire them again.
Shelley Wright
I had an aweosme experience with these dudes. They arrived at our house and in just a few hours, they had scrubbed all our air ducts. The service was superfast and very professional. The team at Silver Clean Air Atlanta are awesome!
James Farrow
We usually contract Silver Clean Air Atlanta to do our air ducts and dryer vents once per year. As a long term client, they have served us well. Their service has kept our ducts mold-free and we also don’t have to worry about the mold spreading to the rest of the house. Our baby also happens to have allergies and duct cleaning from these great guys ensures that she doesn’t wheeze throughout the night. They know their stuff and we find their services very affordable.
Bruce Rodriguez


Our building has had our duct cleaning done by Silver Clean Air Atlanta and it is always amazing how fresh it feels after every job. We got in touch with them a few years ago when we began receiving complaints from staff and have retained them ever since. We rely on them to keep us safe with their reliable air duct ceaning.
Trenton Biggy
Amazing is an understatement. We hired Silver Clean Air Atlanta to do the air duct and dryer vent cleaning in our old care homes and they arrived punctually and did an impressive job at our facilities. The men were nice and they not only did they do a thorough cleaning but they also showed me the amount of dirt that was stuck in our vents. I was shocked but at the same time relieved that we cleared out this mess. I’ll certainly have them back soon.
Annette Stevie
These are straight up the best air duct cleaners in Atlanta. What woud we do without them. We entrust them with all our commercial properties
Marvin Turner